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Springhouse Senior Living: Educating and Protecting our residents.

by / Monday, 01 April 2013 / Published in News/Blog

On March 28, Springhouse Senior Living welcomed  Amy Schram, from the Better Business Bureau Senior Awareness Program.  Amy discussed with us how seniors can better protect themselves from scams, how to give wisely to charities and what are the recommended Better Business Bureau standards of trust.
The goal of the BBB’s Senior Awareness Program is to educate seniors about ways to recognize and avoid common scams and ways to avoid becoming victims of consumer fraud. Consumer fraud is when consumers lose money due to illegal practices when con artists profit.  Other fraud may involve deception and sales tactics which mislead or pressure consumers into buying goods or services which they don’t really need.

Seniors are especially vulnerable to consumer fraud. They are known to be generally more trusting of others.  Since many are living on fixed incomes, they are often looking for ways to extend their limited dollars.  The elderly can be easily confused by too many figures and facts.  They may be lead to believe an enticing offer means something different than it really does. Raised to be polite and accommodating, they often have difficulty saying “no” or hanging up on con artists, and may be reluctant to admit when they are victimized for fear that their family members may think they can no longer handle their own affairs.