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Springhouse Knits for Project Linus

by / Tuesday, 05 June 2012 / Published in News/Blog

“Knitting is something you just don’t forget.” Those are the words of Ann Winslow, a resident of Springhouse for the past 16 years. She has been knitting since she was a child and also made a lot of her own clothes and her children’s clothing. Knitting is a hobby of Ann’s, but it is also a charitable outlet for her and many other women at Springhouse. For about ten years now, a group of knitters at Springhouse have been a part of “Project Linus” a national organization providing comfort for children who are seriously ill, traumatized or otherwise in need, by giving them hand-made knitted blankets. Over 4 million blankets have been donated through this charity, which currently has 368 chapters nationwide. The women at Springhouse are part of the Greater Boston Chapter and together they have knitted and donated over 200 blankets to Project Linus.

(From left to right, Isa Valadian, Ann Winslow and Ruth Lubot knit together at Springhouse.)

Currently the knitting group at Springhouse has three consistent members, many have changed over the years as people moved or passed away. These three knitters have been at Springhouse since it opened in 1996. These women, Ann Winslow, Ruth Lubot and Isa Valadian all have different knitting abilities, but come together every other week to make blankets out of different colored yarns and to chat. The yarn is supplied by Project Linus and Springhouse. All different yarn is used to create these blankets which can produce some rather distinctive patterns and designs.

These women enjoy their time together and are happy to be a part of a great organization like Project Linus. Their blankets go everywhere they are needed. Some have helped Haiti refugees after the 2009 earthquake, others went to children who lost a parent in the military or to infants or sick children in local hospitals. The group is always happy to have new members adding to their donation pile! Together they teach each other knitting techniques, share yarn and stories. They hope to continue knitting and providing comfort for others as long as their hands will let them.