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Springhouse Art Gallery recognizes one of their own!

by / Monday, 01 April 2013 / Published in News/Blog

The Springhouse Art Gallery typically seeks out artists from the greater Boston community. The exhibits are on display for 6 weeks at a time.  When the art committee was looking for the next exhibit they had to look no further than amongst themselves to find the very talented Marilyn Wasserman.

Marilyn Wasserman next to one of her original paintings.

For Marilyn Wasserman, art has always been a refuge, a haven from a too often hectic and depressing world. Her interest in art went far beyond restrictive forms.  From the study for fashion illustration and design, she turned to the study of old master, becoming her own teacher. She subsequently studied abstract painting with renowned artist Albert Alcalay and other forms of art with artists at Mass College of Art and Museum School in Boston.

Her commitment and artistic development went though several evolutions.  As she learned to express herself, first in contemporary art and gradually through experimentation in the use of unique techniques and mediums, she mastered and combined vast possibilities of natural phenomena to paint psychic visions from her own imagination.

The artist’s works on canvas and paper, ranging from acrylics and collage, as well as monoprints, present an unconventional yet harmonious combination of color and texture which defines shape and dimension in dramatic imagery. With her free spirited creativity she brings a feeling of reality into subjects that make interpretation of any of her work an individual judgment.