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Residents Participate in the MFA’s Access to the Art Program

by / Thursday, 08 December 2011 / Published in News/Blog

Residents of Ledgemont and Allen House regularly visit the Museum of Fine Arts (MFA) through the Access to the Art program. This program, sponsored by Bank of America, provides a free tour tailored specifically for people with Alzheimer’s disease. Residents walk through galleries of early 20th century art and impressionism.

On a previous tour, the MFA guide discussed the evolution of art in the late 1800’s from realism to impressionism, which attributed to the development of oil paint sold in tubes. The guide passed around paintbrushes, canvas, and satin ribbons so the residents could hold and feel the types of materials the artists used. Some of the resident’s favorite pieces are Monet’s Dance at Bougival, Degas Dancer Sculpture, and The Postman by Van Gogh. Springhouse will continue to participate in the Access to the Art program by visiting the museum monthly.