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Gen Silent was filmed in the Boston area over a one-year period. During that time, director Stu Maddux followed six LGBT seniors (including a couple who are residents of Springhouse Senior Living) through their decision to either stay open about their sexuality or hide it so that they can survive in the long-term health care system. In the documentary, a gay man named Lawrence Johnson searches for a nursing home where he and his partner can be open about their relationship while still receiving quality care. It also follows a transgender senior by the name of KrysAnne. She searches for people to care for her because she is estranged from her family. The story of an LGBT couple named Sheri and Lois is told, including how they spent their lives fighting for LGBT rights. While Sheri states that she refuses to hide her sexuality, Lois states that she will if that is what it would take to protect her in the health care system. Mel and his partner are the final couple followed in the documentary. Mel's partner gets sick and he finds care from a welcoming agency where he feels comfortable and safe to speak openly for the first time about his sexuality and their 39-year relationship together.

Springhouse is a proud-ally of those in the LGBTQ+ community, SageAge Certified, and a welcoming community to all! We hope you will join us for the annual viewing of 
Gen Silent during one of the many festivities of PRIDE that we support.

Thursday, June 16th  |  3:30 PM 

TO RSVP, CALL 617-941-9717 or fill out the form on this page.

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Gen Silent documentary