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Culture Days at Springhouse

by / Thursday, 31 January 2019 / Published in News/Blog
, Culture Days at Springhouse

By title we are a Senior Living Community, but how do we cultivate that sense of belonging that the word community infers? We have an incredibly diverse array of staff and residents stemming from many different backgrounds and experiences. So, We’ve created a monthly event we like to call Culture Day. In this activity we feature a different area of the world, carefully selecting locations that at least one or several of our staff members, interns or residents were born and raised. We learn about the history, culture and traditions. We look at the natural landscape, we appreciate the art, we listen to the music, and we cook the food. Yes we cook the food! This month’s culture day featured the beautiful island of Jamaica and we discovered the meaning behind their moto, “Out of many, one people,” which really resonated with all of us here at Springhouse Senior Living Community!

, Culture Days at Springhouse          , Culture Days at Springhouse