Senior Citizen Assisted Living Boston, MA

Senior Citizen Assisted Living Boston

Looking for a place for an elderly loved one to live can be difficult, but Springhouse Senior Living makes it easy with senior citizen assisted living in Boston, MA that residents trust. We offer our residents luxurious, one-bedroom, two-bedroom, and studio apartments for people of any lifestyle. With our wide variety of options, you are sure to find a place that you will love living in. Since 1996, we have been the top name in senior assisted living in the Boston, MA area.

Live Independently with Senior Citizen Assisted Living in Boston, MA

In our assisted living community, you will still live independently, yet receive help from our caregivers if you need it. You and your loved ones can be reassured that you will be in good hands if an emergency situation were to arise. In our community, you have the option to have your own apartment, eat your own food, and drive your own car if you so please. If you would like specific care, three cooked meals a day and transportation to places off-site that you need to go to, we can provide that as well. At Springhouse Senior Living, we offer you unparalleled flexibility, allowing you to live your life the way you want. Some of the amenities provided to you in our facility include:

  • Tasty, healthy meals from the gourmet dining hall
  • Enjoyable educational activities and recreational events
  • Personalized care for every resident
  • 24-hour security devices
  • A staff of on-call doctors and nurses available to help you at any time

Experience Senior Citizen Assisted Living In Boston, MA

Call Springhouse Senior Living today at (617) 522-0043 to experience the best in senior citizen assisted living. Become a valuable part of our active community of seniors. Find out why we are THE location for senior citizen assisted living in Boston, MA that residents trust.

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