Assisted Living Facilities in Boston, MA

Assisted Living Facility Boston

If you are looking for assisted living facilities in Boston, MA that stand out amongst the rest, Springhouse Senior Living offers the premier care you want. We offer 61 assisted living apartments on top of over seventy more for both independent senior living and respite care. Rogerson Communities and Springhouse aim to serve the needs of elders in and around Boston, MA for many years to come.

The Top Assisted Living Facilities in Boston, MA

Springhouse assisted living facilities in Boston, MA offers four apartment styles to suit the budgets and needs of individual residents. These range from basic studios to suites, varying in size. Our assisted living facility also offers traditional services to residents who just need a temporary place to stay and receive the respite they need.

Frequently asked questions include:

  • How much care can I expect to receive?
    • Most assisted living residents receive up to one hour a day for personal care. This can be broken down into increments such as providing an escort to meals, medication management and more.
  • Is there transportation to medical appointments?
    • Of course! We offer personal transportation and will drop you off at your destination and pick you up when you are finished.
  • What are my room options?
    • Assisted living offers three different apartment styles. You may choose from a single one room apartment with a private bathroom, a suite with two standard apartments side by side with two private bathrooms, and we have a limited number of standard one bedroom, living room and one bathroom apartments.

Private and Exceptional Assisted Living Facilities in Boston, MA

It's important to find assisted living facilities in Boston, MA that fulfill all of you and your loved ones needs. Our promise is to meet the individual needs of every resident while creating an environment that allows elders access to recreational facilities and great amenities.

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