Board of Directors

Springhouse Board of Trustees

Springhouse was founded in 1991 as an extension of the mission of the Mount Pleasant Home, a not-for-profit corporation. A voluntary board of trustees governs Springhouse. This board is chosen, screened and appointed by the board of directors of the sole corporate member, Pleasant Spring Communities, Inc. The directors and trustees have neither ownership interest nor does or will any other natural person have an ownership interest in the assets of Springhouse. The trustees may take those actions authorized by the Corporation’s articles of organization and by-laws, copies of which are available upon request including management services. No part of the revenues of the Corporation may be used for the benefit of or be distributed to directors, trustees, officers, or other private individuals (other than as compensation for services rendered), nor does any person involved in the management of Springhouse have any proprietary interest in the community. The directors and trustees have overall responsibility for the community.

Below is a list of our current board of directors.

Kenneth BrooksPresident
Georgia BuckTrustee
Paul HollingsTrustee
Yan LinTrustee
Mindy SpitzTreasurer
Julie TabermanClerk