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Resident Spotlight

Kay Maloney

Kay was in born on March 14, 1918 in Alton, Illinois near the Mississippi River. She had an older brother and an older sister. While her older sister enjoyed books and music, Kay enjoyed doing things, like playing tennis and being active.

After high school, Kay went to Shurtleff College (now a part of Southern Illinois University) and majored in Mathematics. She graduated and realized that there was not a huge future for women in Mathematics. She then took the advice of one of her teachers at Shurtleff and applied to Wellesley College to get her Masters in Hygiene and Physical Education.

She completed her Masters degree in three years and began first teaching as a Professor at Alabama College, then, at the University of Wisconsin at Madison. A few years later, she became Chair of the Physical Education Department at Wells College in Aurora, NY. She taught there for 43 years and retired in 1988. Seven years later, she was asked to come back to work as an interim Chair, which she did and then tried to retire again. Much to her surprise another seven years later, they called her back to step in again as interim Chair. Kay went back for a short time and finally retired for good in 2002, at the age of 84.

While at Wells College, Kay married and had two children, Karen and Jay. Karen lives locally in Massachusetts and Jay lives in Maine. Kay has 4 granddaughters: Paige, Kelly, Emily and Jackie.

Kay’s favorite vacation memories are those with her parents out west at Yellowstone National Park, and spending time in Colorado with friends.

We asked Kay, “What makes her happy?” She told us, “seeing other people happy and having a good time.” She says it is important to have positive attitude toward life.

Kay describes her strengths as the ability to coach and give advice. Here at Springhouse, we see this every day. She is remarkable as she laps the outside of our building numerous times a day. She also gives great guidance to her peer residents in finding correct form and success in their athletic games; mostly golf and bowling.


Favorite Flower: Daffodil
Favorite Smell: Fresh Air
Favorite Past time: Tennis, swimming and gold
Favorite Food: Southern Fried Chicken
Pet Peeve: People who are late
Favorite Thing about Springhouse: The people are so nice!