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Allen House Wedding Show

by / Wednesday, 04 July 2018 / Published in News/Blog
, Allen House Wedding Show

June is traditionally the most popular month to marry, so throughout the month in Allen House we took time to reminisce about our own wedding days and all the details that went into them. To make the memories really come alive, our residents along with activity coordinator, Malikka Williams, planned our own “Wedding Show.”

Details such as venue, attire, floral arrangements, design and flavor of the cake were discussed, as well as what roles each resident would play. The event took place on June 30th at 3:45 in the afternoon, Three couples walked down the aisle, including real-life husband and wife, Peter & Jeanne Giraud, preceded by a flower girl and bridesmaids. One of the residents sang “Amazing Grace” as the ceremony began. Malikka acted as the officiant as the brides and grooms were joined together in love or friendship. The couples had the opportunity to exchange rings, and sealed their vows with a kiss or handshake. Following the ceremony, all the residents participated in a wedding reception, featuring a two-tiered wedding cake, vanilla with buttercream frosting; and celebrated our newlyweds with a ginger ale toast! Congratulations to all for pulling off a very fun day!!