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106-Year-Old Fan Invites Tom Brady to Springhouse

by / Tuesday, 06 February 2018 / Published in News/Blog
, 106-Year-Old Fan Invites Tom Brady to Springhouse

For the video report of this story, click here.

Inside Springhouse Senior Living Community, an invitation still stands.

“He’s always invited to come over and visit if he wishes,” said Elinor Downs. “Just let us know ahead of time.”

At 106 years old, Downs, who goes by her childhood nickname of “Fuzzy,” is one of Tom Brady’s oldest fans.

, 106-Year-Old Fan Invites Tom Brady to SpringhouseBack in the Fall, Fuzzy asked Brady if he could come to her birthday party.

The quarterback politely declined in a video message.

“I’m really tied up in September, but i just wanted to wish you a very happy birthday and have a great year,” Brady said in the video.

Fuzzy said with the off season just a few days away, her invitation is renewed and maybe Brady won’t be tied up this time.

Brady has said he wants to play in the NFL until the age of 45, but what about 106?

“I think 106 would be a little old, but I’d leave it up to him to decide whether or not he could play,” said Fuzzy.

The centenarian was born in 1911. In her lifetime, the Patriots have played in nine Super Bowls, and that’s how many great-grandchildren Fuzzy has.